Day Two

We are day two into this “stay-at-home-mother-of-two” thing.  And so far so good.  Yesterday, I was able to get some laundry, dishes and shower done in the morning.  Once AJ got up from his first nap we did some major grocery shopping since we haven’t really done so all month.  Once home, we had lunch and both boys took naps, I was able to tackle the house a bit, make dinner, and unload groceries.  Because yesterday was SO beautiful and warm (and might be the last one of the season) we took a nice long walk down to the soccer field with the soccer ball.   Andrew and I got to kick around a while before heading back the long way and chatting with neighbors. At one point while playing soccer, Andrew as running so fast, he fell hard and I literally had to pick dirt and grass out of his teeth.  Once home and AJ was down for nap 3, Andrew and I worked on our lesson.  We colored some cows, learned that cows give us milk, learned a baby cow is a calf, and read a cute book about two cows who steal the farmers tractor.  

Side note:  Andrew discovered markers yesterday while coloring a picture of a cow and now he LOVES markers.  He wants to color all the time, now.  (And he wants every picture to go on his learning poster).  

Today we had Andrew and AJ’s fall party daycare where Andrew was Superman and AJ was a Viking football player. (yes, I know – they lost last night).  Andrew got snacks and we all walked in a parade around the hospital and got to sing songs.  It was a little crazy, but fun.  Andrew and AJ got to see their friends and teachers and I popped in on my ex-coworkers.   We hit the bank, came home, had lunch, and made cookie dough for later today. Now both boys are napping, I need to make baby food from the sweet potatoes, and do some more laundry.  Later today we are working on learning a square by cutting out squares from cutting dough and baking them, then picking up a Jumperoo for $30 (a steal that I am so exciting about)  Tonight, we are going trick or treating tonight with some friends to a few houses before just handing out candy.  

We’ve been busy.  We’re defiantly not home, lounging around, eating bon-bons.  Trick or treat candy, maybe…but not bon-bons.

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