I like my water hot.

The boys are down for their afternoon nap. It looks blizzardy outside. I have plenty I could be doing, but instead I am going to make some hot chocolate (I made a huge batch of mix earlier this week from an awesome recipe!) and post on my blog.

Andrew had a nice time trick or treating. We didn’t hit that many houses since it was SO cold out. But he got enough candy to keep him (and mom and dad) sugared up. Yesterday, we had a nice day of running errands and learning about the letter A with a corresponding Bible verse (Romans 3:23). That is until I walked downstairs to find water in our basement. Lovely. Looks like our water heater is shot. I am currently waiting for the tech to come out to either repair or (more likely) replace the heater. Until then, we have no hot water. So we are dirty family right now. And we have dishes piled in the kitchen. Hot water is definitely something we take for granted, especially when lack of it forces me to wear a ball cap to Bible Study this morning to conceal my greasy hair.

This morning was, as I mentioned, Bible Study. Again, it was incredible. There is so much more to the book of Daniel than meets the eye. Now we are just waiting for the tech and if he is finished before too late, I would like to hit the library quick, but that can wait until tomorrow, too. And today we are learning about the number 1.

Since I don’t have much to post. Here are few pictures I’ve been meaning to share.

This AJ in his new bouncer. He LOVES it! Loves it!!

He helped me licked the brownie batter.

Superman (check out these picturesnote the date) with his cousin, Mr. Incredible.

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