Please can I vacuum? Please?

We’ve really struggles getting AJ to eat solid foods. He seems to take on the attitude of, “why are you subjecting me to this?” During dinner tonight, after Andrew got a timeout for not trying his mandarin oranges, he was back at the table (he did eventually take 2 bites). Marc was trying to encourage AJ to open up to feed him some sweet potatoes, when Andrew helpfully suggested that he thought AJ also needed a time out.

Marc did finally get AJ to eat some potatoes much better than he ever eats for me. Then Marc gave him just a bit of the juice out of his bowl of mandarin oranges. For the first time… AJ voluntarily opened his mouth. In fact, he could hardly wait between ‘bites’. I have never seen him excited in his high chair. I know orange juice probably isn’t the best option for him at this time, but we may start alternating bites with a little juice, just so we can get him to eat. It really was cute.

Ok, I feel like I haven’t really posted in quiet a while. And I am not sure that now is the proper time, since I am really tired and will probably be very scattered in my thought process – bear with me.

Today was beautiful outside and unfortunately we really didn’t get to enjoy it all that much. We had Bible Study this morning, which again was amazing. Truly amazing. But it means that by the time we home from it, I have two hungry, tired boys. So I am usually scrambling to pull a quick lunch together (usually one handed since I am holding a fussy infant) and get the boys down for their nap. Well, today – the beautiful warm day of all days – is when they both take incredibly long naps. Not that I am complaining… I am all for long naps. But by the time we got up and out to the playground – we only had about 30-45 minutes to play before it got dark (darn daylight savings time). By the way – we got AJ on a baby swing and he LOVED it. Squealed and laughed the whole time. I SO wish I had my camera! Anyway, it’s been a good day today and of course The Office was on tonight which is always fun.

Tomorrow we are getting our car worked on, so we will be heading over to a friends house for a couple hours while we are carless. I don’t think we have much planned the rest of the weekend – other than Marc gets his new car, which he is totally geeked about.

Other than that, this week was nice. It was a normal week filled with lessons and grocery shopping and naps (none for me), etc… Please pray for sleep at our home. AJ has been getting up s.e.v.e.r.a.l. times a night for that past week and due the boys sharing a room, sleep has been lacking all around. And it’s taking a toll on all our moods, interactions and temperament, etc…

To end on a good note: We have a really nice but very heavy vacuum. Now that we are home and eating more at home (and eventually having another child who will be self feeding), I need to vacuum several times a day. Rather than pull out the big guns each and every time, I got this nice little cheap vacuum that is perfect for quick after meal/snack clean up. And I found out today that I have a little helper who LOVES to use it and actually gets upset when I tell him cleanup time is over.

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