All I want for Christmas is… Sleep!

Well, last night was another rough night. The current sleeping arrangment in our home is Andrew is either in our bed and one of us parents is downstairs on the futon (last two nights was my turn). Although we are thinking about setting up Andrew on the floor in our room so we can both sleep in our bed. Why? Because our stinker of son, AJ, does not sleep well and we are/will be working on it. That means we will not be catering to him as in the past (so that he wouldn’t wake up Andrew). This will not make him happy, but hopefully it will be short term. I pray he learns quickly that he does not need to be picked up and fed every two or three hours. And hopefully soon, Andrew can move back into his own bed. (although he is l.o.v.i.n.g. sleeping in mom and dad’s bed.

Well, today was a big day for Marc. He got his new car. A Nissan Maxima. We did a little family drive tonight to test it out. I will have to post a picture when it is daylight out. He is very excited and I must admit, it is a nice car. If only there weren’t those payments that went along with it. (he gets a car allowance – that’s the only way it would be feasible).

Today was the cutest thing. For the first time really…Andrew and AJ were somewhat playing with each other. Well, AJ was in the bouncer, but Andrew was racing his cars for him and Andrew was laughing hysterically (over what I have no idea) and AJ was loving every minute of it. It was so priceless I had to just stop and watch. It gave me a glimpse of what’s to come.

Well, it’s Monday night and that means that Marc is gone to watch Monday night football and I get the remote (and I get to pay bills). The boys are in bed – here’s hoping for a good night.

Have a great week.

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