Uh Wema Whop, Uh Wema Whop

Thank you for the prayers – AJ had a decent night last night. He was still up three times, but was only up and fed once during the night and then again at 6 this morning (then he fell back asleep until 8:30). There is still room for improvement, but it’s a step in the right direction. Today has been busy. I was so out of it yesterday from the lack of sleep that not much more than absolutely necessary was accomplished. So I am making up for it now. I’ve been busy working on the house and Andrew’s lessons. Below is Andrew art he made today. Our theme had been jungle, so he took green paper and glue and ‘hid’ the lion in the jungle.

We hit the library this morning also after AJ’s first nap. Andrew got to play with the train set all by himself – which was exciting since usually there are other ‘friends’ with whom he has to share. We picked up a few books on kittens (next theme) and came home for lunch of leftovers tacos from dinner last night. Now both boys are in bed and the dishes are done. I need to tackle the rest of the this floor before my crew wakes up.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Andrew is daddy’s work gear (for when Marc makes calls to the Kelloggs plant). The white ‘net’ around Andrew’s neck is supposed to be a beard guard, but would not stay up on my clean shaven boy. Hopefully it will leave you with a smile.

…is the “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” song in your head now?

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