Shooting Poo

Don’t cringe – it’s not as bad as you think.

Someone recently showed Andrew that Crayola markers can be stuck together end to end to make a ‘marker tower’. He has absolutely no interest in coloring anymore now that he can build these weak structures. Today in fact, he was pretending to ‘shoot’ me without him understanding what shooting or even guns are (must be an innate boy thing). For his sound effect during the shootings he would say “poo poo”. Then in all seriousness he broke the tower in half, gave one half to me and said, “Poo with me, mom.” He repeatedly would ask to me to follow him around the house ‘pooing’. “Come poo in the kitchen, mom.” “Poo over baby AJ’s bouncer, mom”. It was hilarious!

Side note: As I write this, Andrew is talking back to Diego as if he were truly in the room.

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