Words from my 2 year olds mouth…

(During dinner at the table where Andrew has been chatting the entire meal)
Me (in very excited voice): Andrew! Tell daddy what you had for lunch today!
Andrew: Stop talking, Mom! I’m eating.

Well, ok – now that I write it and read it in print it looks downright rude. However, in real life it was SO stinking funny that both Marc and I immediately burst into laughter. Apprently he was enjoying my gourmet meal of hambergers, butter noodles and carrot sticks. Little stinker.

Anyway, today was a nice one. We had Bible Study this morning, came home for lunch/naps, and just worked around the house and hung out the rest of the day. I did make a large (and I mean large) batch of split pea soup and will probably be eating it until my fingernails turn green. Then tonight, we made a large batch of cookie dough (that turned out just fine, mom – thanks!). Of course – we had to bake off a small pan tonight before the boys went to bed and good tv started. I love The Office (sorry, mom). However, I went up at 10pm after Marc putting Andrew down at 8pm and the stinker was still awake. He was just in his diaper (his new thing – taking his shirt off to sleep for naps and at night) and was pushing everything off his bed. He just started giggling as soon as he saw me – which made me start giggling and well, not much discipline took place. But Marc went up not too long ago and he was out. Maybe he’ll sleep in tomorrow morning.

Still not sure if we will get our Christmas decor up for this weekend or not. I guess if we do, we do and if not – oh well. But we would pretty much have to get it all up tomorrow. I have a church ladies thing Saturday afternoon that I need to take cookies to (hence all the cookie dough tonight) and my folks are coming up Saturday evening. So it’s tomorrow or next week. We’ll see.

Ok, I need to head to bed. If I don’t post tomorrow (hopefully I’ll be too busy putting up my Christmas tree) have a great weekend!

By the way – the exciting lunch referenced above was a lunchmeat turkey sandwich cut into a gingerbread man shape. (Andrew kept telling me he was eating the man’s shirt when eating the bread – he eats his sandwiches one layer at a time).

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