Eight Months, Baby!

Wow – eight months ago today I was totally planning on heading into work and well…

What I did instead was deliver this beautiful happy boy who fills this house with his smiles!

AJ, you are one happy kid and I pray you stay that way until you only have two teeth left. You’ve really grown on us. You’ve discovered Cheerios, though getting them to your mouth is more work than it’s worth to you right now. But put them in your baby feeder and you are one happy dude. You also like the HBO Classical Baby Music Show (as does your brother) after your afternoon nap. You are adored by your brother who often forgets that you are not 2 and a half years old like he is. You are sitting well by yourself and you pivot great on your belly. You will occasionally make it to your hands and knees to rock a bit before plopping back down (which scootches you backwards – sometimes under something like the table). You still wake a couple times a night. You are learning the joy of kicking in the tub and the cause/effect relationship of your splashes to mommy’s squeals. You adore your daddy. You are still not totally sold on the concept of solid foods although you get better every day. Your favorite word is ‘ga’ and you love to shout it in every tone and pitch you can create. You are trying to master the motorboat sound and pierce your lips together while spitting. You also do this weird tongue/top lip action and quite funny.

Adam, you are a sweetheart and God totally knew what he was doing when he gave you to us!

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