The wonderful world of Flint…

Friday, we decided to pack up and head east to stay with some friends on the other side of the state. They have a little boy Andrew’s age, so he was super excited to see “all my friends”. We hung out with them, the kids played, us grown ups played “Scene It” (I lost both games) and it was a nice little trip.

They had a rocketship cockpit painted on the bottom of thier coffee table. You climb under and head into space. It even lit up with some real buttons. Pretty cool!

The main reason we decided to head there was a large Christmas village we visited complete with a real train ride. The boys’ eyes were wide the entire ride. We even crossed a street and the lights went on, the gate went down and we heard the ding ding ding telling all the cars to wait. You can tell from the pictures – it was cold!

(And yes, the boys have socks on their hands – I forgot their mittens)

A beautiful tree with every branch lit up.

A very fast (to a fault – glad we gave Andrew motion sickness medicine earlier that day) merry go round that Andrew really wanted to ride again.

The boys
Goofy kids.

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