A lotta enchilada

Hmmm… it’s been a busy one and I am pooped. We started out first thing this morning at the grocery store. Which, now that AJ isn’t in the carrier – it’s like a whole new adventure hauling two kids and diaper bag in and out of a store. We got our goods and headed home for AJ to nap and mama to start cookin’.

Miraculously, Andrew went downstairs and played with his train set for a good stretch, which left me time to work. I got two large pans and two small pans of enchiladas made. Enchaladas is a wonderful meal but so messy and time consuming to make – so when I make them, I make a LOT of them. This took until about noon or so. I got the kids fed and Andrew down for nap. With a cranky AJ, I didn’t get much else done before his nap except prep the enchilada toppings – onion, tomato, lettuce, etc… Once both boys were up we headed out to a friend’s house to give her family a pan of enchiladas with the works.

Back at home, a quick noodles with broccoli & alfredo sauce dinner, a catnap for AJ, a shower for Andrew and a major overhaul cleanup of my kitchen later, I am plopped on the couch. I should be getting the boys in bed, but instead they are both sitting here in just their diapers watching Disney’s “Mickey Twice Upon a Christmas.” We stumbled upon it by accident, but Andrew was immediately mesmerized. I am recording it – so he can finished it tomorrow. I am not going to let him stay up until 9:30 and have a feeling that decision is not going to go over well with him. (But I’m the mom). Marc is gone over to watch Monday Night Football & workout with Ryan. So I will have a night to myself (to pay bills).

On a side note, I bought oranges today at the grocery store. I let AJ taste a bit of the juice and he turned into a junkie. To the point where I would let him just gum a wedge. This even got Andrew interested enough to try a triangle or two of orange. Progress.

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