He Moves!

I proved it today.

AJ’s been pivoting on the tummy for quite a while. But lately he’s been getting places.. slowly. So slowly in fact, we never really caught him moving. It was more of a gradual fluke and if left long enough he would somehow back himself under the table.

But a day or two ago, Marc said he saw a distinct army crawl. One with purpose (there was a red matchbox car just out of reach). So today, I tested him. He was playing happily on the floor and I lined up a trail of Cheerios on the floor about 10 inches apart. At the end of 3-4 Cheerios, I laid on my tummy and encouraged him to come get me. Sure enough – stopping long enough to eat each cheerio, AJ army crawled to me. Fortunatly, at this point he is still pretty slow, but I bet by the new year, it will be time to break out the baby gates.

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