Impromptu History Lesson

Photo Strip Above Courtesy of WoodTV

Well, along with lighthouses and the vocab word “Beacon”, today Andrew got a lesson in history. Whether any of it sunk it or will be retained – who knows. See, after my last post, I got to thinking. After Andrew got up from a nap, I was planning on taking the boys for a walk. Well, if we headed out a bit earlier, we could actually head to Ford International Airport and watch the motorcade ourselves. So I watched the news until Airforce One touched down and we took off. Outdoor time, walking AND a once in a lifetime event. I wore AJ on my front and my diaperbag on my back and with Andrew in hand we trekked toward the airport after parking a good distance away. There we tons of people there and eventually they closed the intersection and we got to stand right in the middle of the road and get a first hand look at the motorcade’s processional start. From the airport, it would travel downtown probably lined by people most of the whole way. It was interesting and I am glad we went.

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