His ears look fine? Darn.

I haven’t got much done today. Last night was our second night in row that was just plain terrible. T.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. AJ has this cold that for the most part doesn’t bother him except for at night – when he screams. Not sure if from pain, if because he can’t breathe through his nose and therefore can keep in his paci or nurse, or if he just wants held. This in turn wakes up Andrew and he ends up in our bed for night. So Marc and I are dragging today. I called today to take him into the doctor. Not for the cold – I know they can’t/won’t do anything for that… but I was sure he had an ear infection. And nope – his ears look great. Which is good… I guess. But that doesn’t offer me hope for tonight like antibiotics would have.

Side note: Around Thanksgiving – he did have an ear infection and I wouldn’t have brought him in except he was due a flu shot and I thought “let’s have the doc check quick since we’re leaving town”. This time – I would have bet money and made a seperate doctor appointment just to have them looked I was so sure – and nothing. My mom-dar is off.

So – after our appointment we hit the store for more meds, before coming home for quick lunch before overdue naps. Now, I am just sitting here watching the Ford Funeral on tv. Around 3:30 or so, is supposed to be a cannon salute that we might be able to hear from our home. And then a 21 aircraft flyover in ‘missing man formation’ will head over Grand Rapids from south to north that I am hoping we will catch sight of from our house too.

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