Final Ford Post… maybe

Again! We saw them! The planes cames – and since we knew they were heading south to north, we knew we would see them before they were on TV. So we were standing right at our door watching the canon salute on tv ready to run out as soon as they finished. I took pictures but they didn’t turn out well. And blogger is not letting me post the pictures I did take – so again, my friend took good pictures and I will refer you to her.

It’s funny. Just two days ago, I was commenting to Marc about how I didn’t understand why people our age and younger was showing all this interest in Ford and all the services, etc… I mean, we didn’t know him, wasn’t around when he was in office, etc… I wasn’t necessarily critizing them, but I just didn’t really get it either. So, needless to say, when Marc found out I bundled up the boys, disregarded naps, and stood in the cold to watch dark windowed cars, he gave (is still giving me) a hard time. And of course, to top it off, I’ve been glued to all things “Ford Funeral/Grand Rapids” since then. And really, I am/was much more interested in the historical aspect of the “event” in my own town (sorry that sounds so cold) than the man of Gerald Ford. But then, after watching the days unfold and the final flag folded so beautifully and given to Mrs Ford and watching her give the flag the sweetest slight kiss – it no longer was “just an event.” He was a husband, a father, and a grandparent who will be missed by his family.

Ok, I’ll get off my Ford kick and try to get back to my regularly scheduled posts about boys, and lessons, and housework, and food, etc… Stay Tuned.

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