He’s been out longer than he’s been in.

Things have been a little nutty around here the last couple days. We got our main floor’s carpets cleaned on Friday. So Thursday through now – our house was in an odd state. First we had to clean clean the main floor. Then we had to totally empty it. Just our entertainment center and large couch left. Nice open running space for Andrew. The rest of our ‘living’ rooms were packed with furniture from the main floor, so we really couldn’t be in those rooms. Our dining table was also in our kitchen, blocking the oven, dishwasher and most of our drawers. Completing a simple task of making lunch turned into quiet a chore. Couple that with, once I do figure out what to make, we have no where to sit to eat it.

Friday evening was the trickiest. After the carpets were done – they were wet. We could walk of them for short stretches, but it was recommended to not put furniture back or anything on the floor that could soak up the application for 24 hrs. Well, with a baby – that pretty much means we can’t be on that floor at all. And again, the other rooms weren’t really liveable either since they were packed out. Fortunatly – the carpet cleaners came during nap time and the boys blessed me with decent naps. When they woke up – we went for a nice long walk. (Yes – we took a nice long walk to a playground in January in 50 degree weather – definate perks of global warming.) We timed it so we would get home when Marc did, and pretty much packed back up and headed out for the night looking to kill time until bedtime. We ate dinner out and walked the mall for a while.

Yesterday – we did a lot of work around the house and had dinner at some friends house. So with all this going on, I really haven’t been able to get online long enough to post that…

…AJ turned 9 months yesterday and is officially crawling and pulling himself up onto things.
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