How many more wake-ups?

It has been a busy busy couple of days.

Let’s see what I can report. We got our house somewhat back in order after getting our carpets cleaned. We’ve been doing lots and lots of much needed work around the house… like taking all the boys clothes and separating them into boxes by size, weeding out the small clothes and or unwearable clothes, etc…

Plus, we have company coming this weekend and we are so excited. We are counting down the wake-ups until they get here. It’s mostly females from my family – so Marc will be skipping town. Plus we need his bed since there will be 8 of us in our little house. But Andrew’s cousin, Gideon, is coming as well. So he is super exciting about “racing” with him. He keeps telling me that “I (Andrew) will get the red fire truck and Gideon will get the yellow dump truck and you (Kelli) will say ‘Mark, Set, Go for Andrew and dad will say ‘Mark, Set, Go’ for Gideon”, etc…. He has the whole plan worked out in his head.

Yesterday afternoon, we ran on errands, which took way too long (everyone and their brother was at the grocery store with like two checkout lines open with two hungry kiddos). Anyway, got home quick enough to unload food, make a quick dinner of oatmeal for the boys and headed back out to the library for an activity hour. We got to hear stories about snow and Andrew got to make three snow crafts.

Today was another busy day, but nothing too exciting. Just working around the house and constantly removing AJ from everything that he shouldn’t be into. However, tomorrow morning – we are going back to the library. I have the boys signed up for Wednesday morning ‘lap time’. It’s just a story time each week. Should be nice.

Thursday is Bible Study and Friday…. Gideon comes!!

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