Sleepless in Grand Rapids

Andrew is doing great. The paci is now a thing of the past. It’s not asked for or missed in the slightest. He’s been sleeping well and even going potty on occasion. He does seem to get banged up and bruised quite a bit, but since he lives at 90mph – it’s not surprising.

AJ’s been a stinker lately. He’s teething and had been a 9-month-old monster for about 4 days. Just overall cranky and crabby. And he wasn’t sleeping worth a lick. There were 4 days in a row where he would sleep less than two hours in a row (meaning I was sleeping less than two hour blocks). Then Saturday evening, it’s like his teeth stopped shifting and he turned back into his happy cheery AJ. So last night we decided that we would cater to him no more. We let him cry a bit – with only Marc going in on occasion to pat his back and re-insert his paci. He did wake up three different times but overall made it until 6am without me feeding him (and I gave in at that point because I was very uncomfortable and I wanted him to sleep longer.) But because Marc got up with him throughout the night and because Marc’s office had no power this morning and he was home… my dearest hubby got up with Andrew and let me sleep until 9am! That means I slept from midnight until 9am only getting up once around 6am. I haven’t done that in over a year. I was up until midnight because we started watching the third season of ‘24’. Man, once you start those – it is hard to stop! Anyway – hopefully this was the first night of something beautiful!

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