Not for nothing…

Well, all of AJ’s crankiness and crabbiness the past week finally produced results today when the tip of a tiny tooth poked through. And by feeling his gums, I won’t be surprised if another one is close by.

Along the lines of AJ… last night was Night Two of not feeding him at night. And again – we made it until 6am. But it was a harder night. It breaks my heart to hear him cry. If Marc goes in to pat his back, he calms somewhat. If I go in there and not feed him…WOWSERS – he freaks out. F.R.E.A.K.S.O.U.T. And hearing him scream and not do anything about it makes me feel physically ill. Fortunately, the episodes (about 2-3 a night) only last so long and he cries to sleep. So now we are on Night Three and he’s only been down for about an hour – but so far so good.

This morning was my first MOPS meeting. I really wavered over joining since we are already committed to a couple other things each week. But I am really glad I went. Andrew did great in his class and got to play with his friend Thomas and make a snowman that he is SO proud of (the bottom is ‘see through’ with glitter). AJ did great – although he was spent by the time I picked him up. But he did take an incredible afternoon nap, his only nap. I even got to make a craft at MOPS too and have an nice brunch.

Ok, I need to go get my hubby. I put AJ down about an hour ago, Marc put Andrew down at the same time – but didn’t come back down. I have a feeling he fell asleep and we have ’24’ episodes to watch!

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