Here a Bawk, there a Bawk, everywhere a Bawk-Bawk.

So – it’s been a busy week. We’ve been everywhere this week – the grocery store, MOPS, laptime at the library, Bible Study and today the doctor. And because we were everywhere this week (along with having family up last weekend and friends over on Tuesday), I was on the phone all day today calling people to tell them…

…AJ has the CHICKEN POX!

A mere three months shy of the vaccine and he gets the pox. The poor kid has had a rough week. I drag him place to place messing up his nap schedule, he gets two (that’s right, two) teeth and now the pox. And of all things – guess who gave them to him. I did.

I got shingles over Christmas (though I didn’t know they were shingles until the second week of January when my labs came back). And our primary care provider (whom we are not impressed with for several reasons) never mentioned that I would be contagious to my kiddo – not that it would have mattered by the time we got the labs – the shingles were pretty much gone at that point. But that’s neither here or there.

Anyway. I took him into the doctor’s office this morning. And even though everyone was so sweet – it was like he had leprosy. We were ushered immediately to a room where are doctor met us, no waiting in the waiting room. Once we confirmed the pox, we had to reschedule the 9 month check-up since they wouldn’t even put AJ on the scale since he was contagious. The doctor went up front and rescheduled for us and then we were ushered out a side door rather than walking back our the front. Unclean! Unclean!

So now I’ve got a poor spotty itchy baby. I’ve been keeping him medicated with Tylenol and Benedryl every four hours. The first two hours are good and he’ll usually sleep. The third hour is iffy and the last hour we just put on his winter hat and count down until its time for more meds. The hat is to keep him from scratching his pretty little polka dotted head. I feel kind of mean putting it on, but it’s better than a cone.

So, we are stuck in the house for the next 5 days. Since we are getting dumped on by serious lake effect snow – it’s really not too tempting to leave right now.

And Andrew did a good job today staying busy, since Mommy was busy trying to keep a baby happy.

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