See Spot. See Spot itch. See Spot itch miserably.

Day Three of the Pox and they keep coming. Before noon, the kid has already had two baking soda baths. The spots seem to stay in clusters. So there are parts of him with barely a mark and other parts have been completely attacked – like his head/ears/face. I feel so bad for him. He just wants scratch and scratch. His belly and diaper area are hit hard as well. I’ve been giving him tubs each time I change him because I can’t bear to wipe him, he’s so broken out. And kept telling him, “no itchy” when I would gently remove his hand from digging in his skin that now when I just say “no itchy” he starts crying. At least I trimmed his nails short.
Stupid shingles – now I wish they would have just been the spider bites we originally thought they were (although that totally gives me the hebee jebees).

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