We are surviving the pox…

And I think we are in the homestretch! For the first time since Friday, my happy baby boy was back with only a few itch related freakouts today. He still looks dotted and I still found a few new spots today, but I didn’t have that, “oh no” feeling when I undressed him this morning… like I did the past few days. And we didn’t have to have four baking soda baths in the sink today either. There is a nice thin film of baking soda all over my kitchen since AJ discovered how to splash. The four baths a day routine also meant that I have quite a bit of laundry I am working on. I wanted to change his clothes after each bath to prevent infection of the spots. I wanted a new towel after each bath for the same reason. And I need dry clothes after each bath since he learned his new skill. So – each day is getting better.

Technically – today is supposed to be the last day that he is contagious, though I still don’t think I am going to take him anywhere for a few days yet. Plus, I can just see others scramble to hide their children when they see AJ’s polka dotted little face. I’m not sure how long those will last. Many of the spots are quite big and may take a while to heal. He has his rescheduled 9mo appt on Friday, so maybe I’ll have more answers then.

Well, because of the pox, we haven’t done too much else. Not much else to post about. Oh, wait. We officially moved Andrew’s mattress onto the floor in our bedroom. We were making such progress with AJ getting him to sleep through the night – that we just wanted to keep at it. And it’s much easier when Andrew is not in the room also. But Marc and I got tired of taking turns sleeping on the couch so Andrew could sleep in our bed. So – in our three bedroom house, three of us are all in one room. I think Andrew is loving it.

Ok, I am heading the bed. I hope this post made sense. Marc and I just sat down and crunch numbers for a good stretch right before I posted, so my brain might be fried.

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