What’s up, Doc?

We took AJ in today for his 9mo well baby check up /post pox doctor’s appointment. His doctor said that he got hit with a ‘super’ strain of chicken pox and she was in awe during the appointment as she discovered more and more scabs. He is covered with them. And as I mentioned yesterday, is not feeling well with a low grade fever. So he cried the entire check-up. Poor guy… it’s been a rough week. Two teeth, the super chicken pox, and now a cold with a fever.

Anyway – here are his stats.

Height – 28 1/8 inches (about 50 percentile)
Weight – 18lbs 2oz. (about 15-20 percentile – dropped, but dr. not concerned and chalking it up to him not being well).

So, pray my little man returns to his happy self soon… I miss him!

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