He reveals deep and hidden things…

You know that I am in this amazing Bible Study of Daniel. And we’ve been challenged to memorize Daniel 2:20-23 over the course of the study. Now, this is somewhat a lengthy passage and even though I memorized the first half fairly quickly… I just couldn’t seem to retain the second half.

In addition, it’s really been laid on my heart in the last couple weeks, the extreme importance of memorizing scripture. There is an amazing woman in my Bible Study group who can pull scripture out of her head at the most appropriate and God given times. And she confesses that she has to work at memorizing but feels as the Bible is God’s Word, God’s teaching, God’s direction, it’s our responsibility to know it. She has inspired me.

I am making a new resolution to add to my others. From this point out, I would like to memorize one verse/passage a week, starting with Daniel 2:20-23. So, I was doing a little research on memorizing scripture (instead of actually memorizing scripture) and came across a free download called the Scripture Memory System. It is the coolest! It’s a quick simple program where you put in the verse/passage you want to learn and it takes you through different steps to learn it. It gives you memory drills where you repeat after the computer (yes, it reads your verse in sections out loud for you to repeat after). It gives you games such erasing a few words at a time to see if you can still repeat it or scrambling the words for you to put in the right order. Plus there are few more visual drills you can work on before the program actually tests you. And depending on how you do, it will catagorize your verse as new, in progress, complete. Then, it goes into a rotation of all your verses and will make you keep ‘testing’ them so you retain them. Then it also has all this touchy-feeling stuff in an organizer like setting your goals, focus, opportunities, evaluation and checklists.

Ok, I am making this program sound like a Bible Drill Sergent, and really that’s what it is, but a cool drill sergent (is that possible, dad?). Anyway, I wanted to test it. I put in my Daniel and voila, not much later, I have the passage memorized! AND, I’ve been able to repeat it hours later. (Ask me again, tomorrow and we’ll see how that goes.)

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