The Rainbow Connection

The Bad Things:

  • Colds: I’ve got a cold that is knocking me out. Not the merely inconvenient cold, but the kind where you are confident your head will explode and your nose will rub off. It’s pretty much wiped the mat with me yesterday and today. AJ still has his cold also. So he is happy, but drippy and hoarse. (which is actually pretty adorable – a hoarse little cry).
  • Since I’ve been up for nothing yesterday, I’ve let the kids watch more TV than I like to. Their little brains will be fried.
  • We are getting d.u.m.p.e.d. on with snow. And it keeps coming down. I don’t think we would be going anywhere even if we weren’t quarantined to the house.

The Good Things:

  • Andrew’s chicken pox (through tripled in count) do not seem to be bothering him in the least. He finds it amusing when I count them.
  • AJ’s scabs are getting better by the day and for the most part, my happy boy is back, praise God.
  • We’ve been keep up with Andrew’s lessons well lately. This week’s theme is rainbows and prisms. We are also learning the color red (along with the octagon shape), the letter F, the number 6 and “Fear not, for I am with you” verse. The verse is especially good, since Andrew seems at an age where nighttime can be a bit scary.

Our rainbow jello (tooks us days to make it).

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