Not party worthy, but better than before.

Thanks for the prayers. Last night was a better night. AJ, in fact, had his best night ever. He went down around 7:30/8:00pm, woke up and fussed off and on for about 15 minutes around 10:30pm, then slept until 6:30am! At that time, I got up with him, fed him and laid him back down… and he went back to sleep. It is currently 8:30 am and he is still sleeping!

Andrew had an ok night. Not great, not the worst. His mattress is still in our room, so hopefully we can get him sleeping well and back into his own room soon without jeopardizing AJ’s sleep. Alright, it’s Monday morning and I have a mountain of things to do.

One main priority todady is to stay warm – it is currently -9 with a windchill of -24 in our area. Yea, we are NOT going anywhere again today. Marc’s boss even called and told him to work from home instead of driving to Kalamazoo.

Keep up the prayers and have a great warm week.

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