Home again Home again…

Due to our weather, we are once again, home. MOPS was cancelled this morning along with most schools. It is cold artic outside. So, other than work/play around the house, I am not sure what we are going to do today. Marc bought Andrew a sled that they have yet to use.

I really need to stop complaining about the weather since we had a 50 degree December. It’s really the home-boundness that’s getting to me. I may have to get out when Marc is done working just by myself for a bit. I would like to hit Goodwill or the like. Andrew needs warm play clothes to wear around the house like sweatpants and sweatshirts. He wears his monkey bed pants everday (he has two pair). Maybe I’ll take Andrew with me and get him out a bit, too.

I did give Andrew another hair cut last night and it is much better. Not as short as I like it, but I wanted to play it safe in case we needed to get it ‘fixed’. But it’s really not too shabby and looks much better than the mop he had before. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures.

Sleep update: AJ had another really good night last night. And Andrew’s night went well also. Although, I kept catching him in our bed. I would put him down in his bed (in our room) and next time I would go up – he would be in our bed… complete with his own pillow and blankets. So after three times, we just left him. Goofy kid.

Alright – this post is all over the board and full of rambling. I will wrap it up and get busy around here. It’s almost time for ‘Go, Diego, Go’, so that’s 30 minutes I can work around the house pretty much uninterrupted.

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