10 Months

Adam Jay Reed turned 10 months old today. And really, in the last week or two, his personality has kicked in. And boy, is he a sweetie. He’s so mild and happy, that with his torpedo brother running around, you just might forget about him (not literally forget – don’t call social services).

He is very rarely demanding and loves to be smiled at. Loves it. Lives for it. He definately has an air of smugness to him. He communicates with those eyes. We’re thinking that when older, he will be the one to pick on Andrew on the sly, and Andrew will be the one to react in a big way, therefore getting Andrew in trouble – even though it will be AJ’s instigating. And I know I’ve said it before, but he is a Daddy’s boy. He will follow that man around as soon as he enters the room – either with his eyes or with his hands and knees.

AJ has also done a really great job sleeping lately. Thanks so much for prayers. The last couple nights, have been great for him. I am so hoping it lasts – especially whenever we decide to transfer Andrew back into the room.

He recently discovered banana bread and now that’s is by far his snack of choice – over his Cheerios Toasted Oats cereal. Although the bread pales in comparison to the huge bite of peanut butter/oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie that Andrew decided to share with him today. (But they were warm out of the oven – so could you blame him?) And it was sweet of Andrew to share since I know how much he was loving the cookies. I did learn today that he doesn’t like cottage cheese. Not even a little.

AJ knows Andrew is a sucker for sharing his food and is super excited for the snow ice cream.

My AJ. Mommy and Daddy and Andrew are so blessed by you and your smiling eyes everyday.

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