When it rains… get meds.

Good news: We got out of the house today for the first time in a long time (over a week).
Bad news: It was to go the doctor’s office. Andrew has a hum-dinger of an ear infection.

He woke me up this morning around 5am whining that his ear was itchy and asking me to rub it. This fitfullness & ear rubbing went on until around 7 when he became a complete and total wreck. My normally happy ‘superfast’ little man was crippled by tears on the couch. So very sad (and frustrating). But Tylenol seemed to work wonders and by the time we got the docs, he was back to happy self and I was questioning the real need to be there. But my suspicious were true and now he is on meds.

We also took the leap tonight and put Andrew back into his room with AJ. And other than Andrew going from happy/sleeping to miserable the second the Tylenol wears off, they are both sleeping well… together… in the same room. It’s only been a couple hours, but hopefully, with more Tylenol ready to go – the night will go smoothly.

And, Lord willing…. we will make it to Bible Study tomorrow.

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