Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb.

Last night Marc and I had a much needed Date Night. Some friends were in town without their kids, so we got our sitter and went out with them sans kiddos. I even put on make-up. We were gone for a longer, later stretch than normally when we get our sitter, but she is truly a blessing and she and boys did great. Us couples went out to Red Lobster and a movie. It was a really nice night. We went and saw the “Night at the Museum” – pretty much out of default – we hadn’t heard of anything else playing. We were pleasantly surprised.

Yesterday we had MOPS in the morning. It was cancelled due to weather last time and it seemed like forever since we’ve met. The boys did good and there were no signs of contagious diseases on their bodies when we got home. I did, however, sign up to be a vendor for a MOPS fundraiser. If you make/sell something or provide a service, etc…. you can bring it, sell to the other ladies and donate 10% to MOPS. So… I am will making a boatload of tag blankets in near future. I am hoping to go out this weekend and pick my material. But really, I will be selling (ssshhh… please don’t tell) to the ideal demographic – mothers of small children who know other mothers of small children or soon to be mothers. This will sound super geeky, but I even have a business plan drawn up. G.E.E.K.Y.

This morning, we had library story time. We went early so Andrew could play with the Thomas train table they have set up. Afterward, all the kids run for it and it’s impossible for everyone to play happily. Instead, afterward, we hit a thrift store. Andrew has outgrown all his warm tops. He’s got more t-shirts than we know what to do with, but with winters the way they are around here, he was wearing the last long sleeved shirt that fit him every time we left the house. So, I was able to pick up 4 nice shirts for him and a sweater for me all for $5. (it was 50% off clothes day). One of his “new” shirts has the superman logo on it and he’s been ready to change into it all day. It’s weird buying for him since we’ve been very blessed to get so many nice hand-me-downs or gifts that we have never really had to shop for him. But Andrew is now the same size (if not bigger) than the boy he normally gets his hand-me-downs from, so that’s a huge source of clothing gone. At least AJ should be set (poor kid).

The boys are doing well. AJ now knows how to wave (the open and close handed wave)… except he doesn’t do it on cue and only waves to himself. He just stares in awe at his hand as his fingers open and close with the look that says, “Did you guys have any idea the power I hold in my fingers. I mean, just look what I can do!” And Andrew is a clown hilarious. If you laugh at something he does – expect to hear/see it again and again for the next couple days. His latest (as you may see in the clip below) is a thumbs up sign while exclaiming, “Perfect!” Yep, a clown… or a politician.

Are they different?

Bad, Kelli. Bad.
Don’t write such bad things. Turn on that filter between your thoughts and your typing fingers.
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