Chocolates for Breakfast

I’m getting reprimanded for not posting. Apparently grandmas are suffering. So I’ll make this post about the boys… mostly.

Andrew – he is doing well, but turning into a perplexing preschooler (3 years old in only 9 days – *sniff*). There is no blatant disobedience, but it’s like it takes us repeating our requests 5 times before something sinks in. And even then, his memory seems short lived when it comes to ‘rules’. However, many things aren’t ‘rules’ per se, but things that he should just know better. Like: don’t kick open your door while AJ in there sleeping. Don’t get up before mom, sneak downstairs and eat half the remaining box of Valentine chocolates for breakfast. At bedtime, don’t wait until your brother is sleeping, flip on the lights so AJ is wide awake and pull books into bed with you for an hour before mom catches you. And the list goes on and on and on. Of course you already know about the writings on the wall. But – he is doing so well with potty training. I am so proud. In fact, as a reward (and extra motivation, but they were just needed) he just got CARS undies. Yes, lately he’s been in a Lightening McQueen state of mine. But he is the sweetest kid and will be the first to tell you he loves you and will help you at the drop of hat. He is just… um… at a challenging age.

AJ – is currently under the weather a bit. The teething beast has got him and therefore we are all not sleeping well. He’s been running a fever, chewing on fingers like mad and drooling something fierce. He just wants snuggled – which he is my snuggle boy anyway on a good day – so I’ve just been wearing him much of his waking hours. But overall, he is great and sweet. He is babbling up a storm. Lots of dadadadas and ggggggggggas. And, as of Monday, he is now walking behind Andrew’s big trucks.

And for anyone else who might be interested in the rest of the family (Marc and myself). Marc had a very busy big day yesterday at work that went well, thank you Lord. I’ve been fine – just keeping busy with my whirlwind and cuddle bear, keeping up the house (which most of the time I fail miserably), and running errands. Nothing too exciting. However, I did have a brilliant mom moment today, when I dumped the entire can of syrup from pears onto the floor. Then I proceeded to clean it up with Windex instead of our floor cleaner. And of course, this all happened while we had company. I’m sure the Windex probably raised an eyebrow or two.

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