My blond sweetie…

AJ is 11 months old today. Already. 11 months. But he is still my baby. He is so snuggly. He just loves to snuggle. And if a stranger smiles at him, he will smile back, but only quickly before burying his head sheepishly in your neck. He has learned to cruise around the furniture and walk behind Andrew’s big trucks. And just this week, he’s mastered silent clapping and will do it at the drop of a hat with incredible pride in his eyes. He loves his “B” (tag blanket) and banana bread. He makes this hilarious sound when he is happy. It’s like he sucks in all his air in a loud manner while grinning ear to ear. I need to get it recorded before he stops doing it. Like, when he was a little baby and would cry hard – he would roll his tongue perfectly. It was so funny. Of course, he doesn’t do it anymore, and I have no record of it. Overall, he’s been sleeping ok. Not great, not horrible for the most part. And no new teeth… yet. Though he does get reprimanded for biting on a regular basis – usually when you are holding him and he gets excited – he takes it out on your shoulder/arm. He has amazing fine motor skills (in my ‘unbiased’ opinion) and loves pointing and touching things with his little pointer finger. He’s my sweetie. My blond sweetie.

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