This mama will need a meal… and a massage.

Monday night – boys in bed. Hubby out. TV, ‘puter, couch, all to myself. Nothing on the tube, bills to pay, but couch is still comfy.

We had a nice, lazy weekend. I am thinking we did something other than church, but I just can’t remember what right now. We did, however, have a great potty training week – so Saturday night we had pizza, made cookies and watched “Cars”. A dream night for an almost three year old.

Today was a tiring day. We met my small MOPS group at Playworld this morning. We had never been there before. It really was great. For less than $4 for Andrew (AJ & myself were free), we got to play as long as wanted. There were giant inflatables and large structures like those found at McDonald’s playareas, ball pits, push cars, etc… It took Andrew a while to warm up to the large items – he stuck to the toys he could be playing with at home for the first 45 minutes (very frustrating to me). However, he finally ventured into the bounce pad once I started calling it a giant “bed” to jump on. And I confess, I bribed him to try the slide. I knew he would love it, but I just could not get him to try it. But once he did – I couldn’t get him off it. I also confess tha I was a little jealous that I was too big to play on the structures with him.

We even ate lunch there since they had $.99 hot dogs. AJ did great. He was so tired since he didn’t nap, but I wore him most of the time so I could follow Andrew around and he did great. He even got to crawl on a smaller “bed” for a bit.

At 1:00pm, we finally left. It might have been the quietest ride home ever. I know AJ crashed before we left the parking lot. Andrew made it home, but only because I practically forced him to maintain a conversation with me whenever I thought he might be nodding off. (Mean mom.)

And the rest of the week is just as busy. Tomorrow we have the real MOPS meeting in the morning. We don’t have library laptime on Wednesday anymore, but I need to go anyway to return books, plus Andrew likes to play with their Thomas Train set. Thursday is Bible Study in the morning and dinner/haircuts with friends in the evening. Friday is gym time and Andrew’s birthday. I also have non-scheduled ‘stuff’ to do this week. I need to get tag blankets done for a few new babies and some meals made for those new mamas. Plus – I have to find time to hit the grocery store (or meals for mamas will not get made), and make a Diego birthday cake sometime. Whew.

Anyway – after all that, nothing else may get done this week. This weekend our house will need a full overhaul. Ah well. That’s the way it goes. And if I don’t write much this week – you now will still know what we are up to.

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