The anti-tub

I posted my brains out toward the end of week and now I have nothing to say. Nothing too exciting at least. This weekend was simple. Just hung around the house. And just church on Sunday. See – I told you – nothing spectacular to read about. And this week – in stark contrast to last week – is quiet. Other than Bible Study on Thursday – we have no plans. And, oh has it been so nice. My house is pretty clean right now, much of my laundry is done, etc.. Plus, I am working on organizing (I use that term very loosely) then burning off all my digital photos. (I’ve been digital since ’03 – so it’s a big job).

Of course, we couldn’t get by staying home all day, could we? Yesterday, we had to take the car to the body shop to get an estimate done. (By the way – whenever we come to place where we were hit in the accident last Thursday, Andrew says in a non-concerned voice, “we are going to get bonked, now”.) Then today was SO stinkin’ beautiful – that we couldn’t ignore it. I had a whole list of things to do that went right out the window today as soon as we opened it (the window that is). We scrapped our plans – grabbed some fast food coupons for lunch so we could eat at the airport observation area. And a good airport day it was! Not only was there plenty of regular air traffic, but also there were two huge Air Force jets doing practice runs. So they would touch down, circle round right, touch down, circle round left, etc…. Really cool!

Tonight, I learned that when you take one baby with a very full belly of spaghetti, add one tub with a silly, rowdy big brother that gets the baby almost equally silly & riled up equals the need for… another tub.

Ok, I really sat down at the computer tonight to work on taxes and instead worked on photos and posted. Ah well, still have month, right?

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