On Track, More Track

Gosh – it’s been a while. Which means my post will be more along the lines of an ‘update’ flavor, rather than the inspirational, witty posts that you may be used to reading (on somebody else’s blog.)

Well, Wednesday we worked around the house and then took a trip to Toys R Us to buy a few gifts for my cousins’ birthday party. By the way, Andrew is at the age where everything in Toys R Us is “so cool!!” There was a whole “CARS” section and “Diego” section that I practically had to pry him from. However, he did make out with a $1.29 ball. Then, in our town, the Toys R Us store is located right next to the Krispy Kreme…so… we walked over. If you haven’t been to a Krispy Kreme – visiting the store is like an event in and of itself. We watched them make and ice donut holes. Andrew was especially concerned about the holes that were stuck. We almost spent as much time there as the toy store. Finally we got two donuts to share between the three of us before heading home.

Thursday was Bible Study in the morning and then getting the house all ready for Grandma and Papa to come on Friday. And since they were coming, we decided to not go the gym to play Friday morning, so AJ could take a good nap in the morning. Of course, Andrew loved have them here. They even brought him more train track for his train set, se he’s got a monster track that takes up the floor now rather than his little train table.

Saturday, Marc and Dad got up and went to the fishing show. Mom, the boys and myself headed down to Ohio for my cousins’ birthday swim party. My kiddos LOVED the water. Loved it. I wish I had pictures, but alas, I was with them in the water – so no camera. We had pizza and gifts then headed back to my Aunt’s house where Andrew got to play with Gideon for two days. It was Andrew heaven! My dad then came down Sunday afternoon and got to spend a little more time with the boys before we headed back home to Marc last night.

This morning we were supposed to go the body shop, but that got pushed until tomorrow – and I am thankful. I was tired after this weekend (I never sleep great there), the boys were tired (took great naps) and our house needed an overhaul.

Tomorrow, we have to take the car into the shop early squirrelly so we can get to MOPS in the morning. And I need to make 3 pans of enchiladas in the afternoon for new mamas with new babies.

Not an exciting post, I know. I’ll try to do better keeping up.

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