The post that I will show Andrew’s prom date.

Well, the car is in the shop, we are driving a loaner, and we made it to MOPS yesterday. I even got a good portion of our taxes done last night. And this morning (felt like it took all morning), I got three pans of enchiladas made. It’s been raining all day, so we stayed home all day. However, we did get about an hour of decent (but still wet) warmer weather, so we took Andrew’s new bubble machine he got from his cousins for his birthday and bubbled up our neighborhood. Literally. Man, that thing works! It looked almost like it was snowing there were so many bubbles. I wish I would have brought my camera out, but I was too busy running AJ through the bubbles. (I’m not sure he was totally sold on the bubbles).

So, now I am curled up with some hot chocolate and the laptop, supposedly finishing the taxes, listening to an amazing thunderstorm. But I’ve been interrupted several times by a 3 year old who has to go potty. This should be a good thing right? But when do I put on the brakes? He is still in a diaper at night. He can go several hours during the day and stay dry – yet he can’t make it 20 minutes in bed without needing to use the potty? And when I tell him that ‘he just went’ he tells me, “but my pee pee is almost coming out” (it’s really quite darling to hear). He goes potty and he does tinkle a bit each time. So – now what?! I know it’s a stall tactic. And I finally (after the fourth time) told him that he was not allowed back up with the threat of punishment. But that doesn’t feel quite right either, like he is getting in trouble for just doing what I’ve asked all along. Catch 22. By the way, he often does this with po*ping, too. He waits until nap/bed time and goes just a little, so that I have to change him… and then he does it again. Stinker! (and again – do I punish him for po*ping?) All right, moms. I’ll be looking for advice in my comments section.

Ok – lighter fare.

Andrew’s monster track!

AJ and his buddy, Noah.

Andrew and his cousin, Gideon – finishing off some brownie batter.

My MOPS craft.

What’s Up Doc?

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