Backseat Driver

This morning, on the way to open gym time, Andrew discovered Michigan Lefts. As I was turning through one, he told me, “Uh oh, we almost forgot our road!” He continued to remind me all the way there that, “We missed our road”, even though I told him that we had to go that way to get to the gym.

Then when we arrived, we were the only family there. So we had the whole gym to ourselves for the first half hour. Someone even came in and took Andrew’s picture with a soccer ball and football for a possible cover of the next season’s Parks & Recreation guide. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that issue.

We left gym time a bit early, so we could take a meal to a new mama. All week, as I’ve been making enchiladas and rice crispy treats for these gift meals, Andrew has been asking me whether he can have some. I’ve been telling him that these were for Mommy’s friends and we could not eat them. So now, for the past couple days, every time he sees any food (dinner, snack in diaper bag, groceries, etc…) he asks if it is for ‘just us’ or for ‘your friends’. Poor kid thinks we are giving all our food away.

This afternoon is just working on the house and maybe playing outside a bit. Marc has a late meeting in the Detroit area, and Andrew has had a good potty day, so I’m thinking we will watch CARS tonight. We might even have pizza with it, but then I need to get busy and make more pizza sauce since our freezer stash is depleted and get the dough in the bread maker. Guess that’s my cue to get offline and get to work.

Have a great weekend.

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