The other day, while playing quietly by himself, Andrew started saying the word “Kalamazoo” over and over. Now, it’s not uncommon for him to sing to himself or even quote lines from Diego or Veggie Tales while playing. But he kept repeating the word over and over like he was enjoying the feel of the word in his mouth. We live near Kalamazoo Ave. and Marc works in Kalamazoo, so it didn’t surprise me that he picked up with word. I interrupted his play and asked him what Kalamazoo was. He answered…

“A road where animals live”

Then today, on the way home from a walk, I told him that I thought it just might rain later today. So at dinner, when a dark cloud came overhead, he started asking me questions about rain like “when does it rain” (he thought it only rained at night and not during the day) and “where is the rain right now” (when it’s not raining). To this question, I told him it was up in the cloud, just waiting to come down. Then he ask, (I’m not kidding)…

“Is it watching TV?”

What in the world?! I just started laughing. Out loud. I couldn’t help it. And then he thought he was hilarious and starting laughing too saying over and over, “Is it watching TV? Is it watching TV?”

Goofy Kid. Oh and when I call him that, he says, “I’m not Goofy, I’m Andrew!”

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