Skittle Skrategy.

I know it’s been awhile. And that’s because up until today – our house has been sick. Well, mostly AJ. The poor kiddo woke up in puke and is going on day four of diarrhea. He was happy Saturday and gradually felt crummier until he was a bear yesterday. Andrew and I also got a touch of it yesterday, too and I just felt bad all day. In fact, we all (including me) took over a two-hour nap yesterday. Today has been much better. Andrew and I feel fine. And AJ is back to happy self with his blowout episodes coming fewer and farther between (unlike every 10 minutes at one point – an expensive illness).

So we pretty much stayed home this weekend – although Marc got a lot of work done around the house and we got a lot of laundry done (still in piles unfolded). And of course, sick or not sick, the weather has been so nice, we just can’t not go out… even if we had to stay in our own yard.

Today has been much better over all. We even made it out of house for coffee and to Sam’s Club. Coffee because my machine is currently out of order since I decided to melt the carafe lid in the dishwasher yesterday. Cuisinart is wonderful and will be sending me a free new lid in 5-7 days. Until then, with the money I’ll probably spend in coffee, I could just buy a cheap replacement maker to get me by. (I’m kidding – I just can’t rationalize spending $4 on coffee that often even if I am convinced it’s the taste of Heaven.) Our Sam’s stop was for much desperately needed diapers. Then the boys took nice naps while I got our house in somewhat of an order. I even snuck a few minutes and painted my nails…including my toe nails! I usually get around to it once a summer. I really should take a picture – ‘cause this will probably be the best they look all year.

Now they are in bed and we are trying a new thing after hearing the concept a couple different times from other parents. I put 4 Skittles in a bowl in the hall. Every time Andrew gets up, just because of whatever-excuse-he-can-think-of, he gets a Skittle taken away and will not get to eat them tomorrow. His first Skittle was taken away before I even got back down stairs and you would have thought I just shot his dog. After that, I didn’t hear from him for quiet a while until he told me he had to go potty. His diaper was already wet, but I didn’t have the heart to take one away, so he went potty and back to bed. He’s lost one more Skittle since then. We’ll see just how many he ends up with tomorrow.

We are still driving a loaner car, but our car is finished so we will be switching them tomorrow some time. We need to do some grocery shopping tomorrow as well. Other than that we are just recovering ourselves and our home from this past weekend and getting ready for this coming weekend because… Marc’s parents and sister and niece are coming to visit! We are so exciting to have them.

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