Enchilada Recipe – Part II

After I posted this, there were a few things that I thought that I should add about these Enchaladas.

First of all, to all those very concerned… I did get it ok’d that this was not a ‘secret’ recipe and I will not be disowned for my divulging it – I’m just stuck at the kiddie table for the next year.

Then, I wanted to mention that this meal freezes wonderfully! In fact, because it is a time consuming meal to prepare (don’t let it scare you – just be aware)… I will usually double the recipe and make 3 pans. Then thaw the night before, bake and top as desired. Practically a hassle free dinner.

Finally, this makes a great gift meal (as I’ve mentioned in previous posts). Usually family’s who are getting meals get so much pasta and lasagna, that this is a welcomed change. Plus they have the option of eating it that night or freezing for some other time when the meals aren’t ‘rolling’ in.

Alright. If you do make these – I would love to hear your feedback.

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