On the wagon…

Grandma and Papa Dykstra came up this weekend with Aunt Kristin and Baby Klaryssa. Because of AJ’s health issues earlier in the week, we weren’t 100% they were going to come until this Wednesday. So we didn’t say anything to Andrew until then. But once I did, he spent a good 5 minutes on the ground with Grandma and Papa’s picture.

We had a really nice visit. They got in late Thursday evening. We let Andrew stay up way past his bedtime, so he could see them that night. And sure enough, he snuck down (didn’t even wake me up) and woke up Grandma at 7am (6am her time). Marc had to work Friday, so we got just played at home – mostly outdoors. The boys loved having Papa pull the wagon.

At one point, AJ and Klaryssa were in the wagon and Andrew rode backwards in the dump truck that was attached and being pulled by the wagon.

We celebrated Christmas and birthdays and Easter while they were here. The boys got some toys and books and candy. And we made our “prize winning” ribs along with grilled veggies and beer bread for a incredible dinner Friday evening.
And of course baby Klaryissa was a doll in her little pigtails!

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