Busy doing nothing…

This morning, we came downstairs to witness snow falling outside. This is just one day after we took a nice long walk without our coats. Without our sweatshirts. Even without our hats. We even double-backed a few houses to shed a layer since it was in the 70’s yesterday. Less than 24 hours ago it was in the 70’s and now it is snowing!

Anyway, I called Andrew to come look out the window and I exclaimed in a rather excited voice, “Look! It’s snowing!”, thinking he would share my (feigned) excitingment. But no. In an all too grown-up tone, he replied, “Aw, man. And I thought it was spring!”

We haven’t been up to much this week. Sunday, we did get together with some friends for dinner. They have a 4yr old boy and a big house – so Andrew is in heaven whenever we visit. And we had some other friends over for dinner and cards tonight. The rest of the week has been pretty quiet due to spring break. No MOPS, no library days, no Bible Study, no gym time, nothing. It’s actually been kinda nice. I have the house in a decent state… laundry isn’t piled to the ceiling (notice I didn’t say it was done)… we’ve been able to really focus on potty training… AJ’s been happy (he really is at his best when we are mostly home)… I’ve been able to work on the-craft-that-must-not-be-named, etc… So, I can’t say we haven’t been doing things – just not ‘scheduled’ things. We haven’t been bored.

Tomorrow – we will venture out of the house for a few groceries & maybe hit the library anyways just to play. We will also be packing up to head south this weekend for Easter with my parents. And of course, Friday is AJ’s first birthday! (*sniff*) My baby turns one!

Happy Easter!

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