Isn’t it crusty? Aren’t we clever? But the wasps were just as bad as ever.

The other day, on a whim, I took 1/3 bag of frozen mixed veggies, and nuked them with some water until tender. I threw it all in the blender with an egg and some bisquick and made veggie pancakes out of it. And get this… my boys LOVE them! (honestly – I thought they tasted awful and I like veggies). It’s something that AJ can feed himself, so that I can actually eat my meal and something Andrew actually requests. I didn’t know whether I could sell Andrew on the concept of green pancakes, so I did initially drizzle just a little syrup on his. (I know – you are thinking, “GROSS!”). And would be too, except that it worked! Of course, my hubby, the ultimate anti-vegitarian thought it practically ranked right up there with abuse. But both boys were gobbling up thier veggies and asking for more! This might just become a regular freezer item.

By the way, the title is from my childhood book now Andrew’s book, “The Giant Jam Sandwich“.

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