Ham & Green Eggs

We had a nice Easter weekend at my parents in Ohio. We got down Friday night and celebrated AJ’s birthday, we got together with my dad’s side of the family on Saturday and went to church on Sunday. We even had the whole ham dinner and colored Easter eggs Sunday afternoon.

Of course, the boys slept terrible (really super terrible), so we were tired, but it was a nice weekend. We got in late last night. The boys did however, sleep really well in the car on the way home. So well, that when we did get home around midnight-ish – they were both nice and awake. AJ wasn’t up too long and went back down just fine (however he did have a nice bout of screaming around 2:30am). Andrew on the other hand, even though he looked like he was exhausted, insisted that he was not tired. Since Marc did such a great job driving home and needed some wind down time before bed, also – Andrew and Marc stayed up and watched fishing at midnight.

Today, we just recovered from our weekend (again, we were tired), unpacked and just took it easy. Alright, I am writing this late and I’m not sure this post is even making sense. Have a great week.

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