Pokes & Paint

Please don’t panic. The next picture should explain everything.

We were just having some art time when Andrew’s brush ‘slipped’.

This afternoon, AJ had his one year check-up. And while there were two pokes in his left thigh that caused extreme screaming after an insanely long moment of not breathing… the appointment went well over all. He even has a cute little band-aid on his chubby little thigh. Well, maybe it isn’t chubby enough. We got his official 12-month stats.

Height: 29-7/8th’s inches, 50th percentile.
Weight: 19 lbs.-7 oz., between 5th & 10th percentile.

But his doctor wasn’t concerned yet as long as he is eating well. (And that he is!) She said he is still on the chart and could easily bounce up by his next appointment in three months. He got the green light to start drinking cows milk and we should be able to turn his carseat to forward facing in a few weeks (although I think I’m tempted to leave it backwards as long as possible). I even got the low-down on what’s acceptable to give Andrew for his car sickness. That’s worth the co-pay, right there.

I’m off to bed, but I will leave you with a clip I like to call, “Game of a One Year Old” or it may also be referred to by its alternate title, “Why Mom Gets Nothing Done.”

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