These Little Feet

This is a page that I orginally created digitally way back when I didn’t have a clue how to create pages digitally. So I redid it this week.
Soon, they will help you scoot across the floor. They will pitter-patter across the hall before we know it. Someday you will learn to tie shoes on them. They will run to my arms when you need cuddled. They will dash to daddy when you want to play. They will carry you to your first day of school. They will help you show off on the playground. They will peddle your first bike. Maybe you will use them to play soccer or score a touchdown or make a lay-up or maybe all three. They will help you walk around the lake to go fishing. Maybe you will use them to swim across the lake, too. Will these feet help you be a safe driver? Will they grow to be a big as your dad’s? Will they take long walks with me? Will they carry you through nature to enjoy God’s creation? Will they take you to a hurting friend who needs comfort? Will they help you stand strong for your faith? Will they help you not fall to temptation? Will they walk down the path that’s straight and narrow? Will they lead others to heaven?

Andrew, there are so many places these little feet will carry you. I pray you walk with Jesus each day. I love you. ~Mom

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