A Week in the Life…

Gosh, I hate it when I let it go too long between posts and now I get to feed you a whole bunch of stuff with little detail vs. the compelling conversation starters that you’ve come to expect.

I updated last Wednesday, so I will start with Thursday – here we go…

Thursday – I had my final Bible Study meeting. We had an amazing brunch. It’s weird not getting together with them this morning. I am going to miss them, and even though I don’t know her, I am going to miss Beth Moore. If you ever have a chance to do a Beth Moore study – jump on board with both feet as fast you can… you won’t regret it!

Friday – some friends of ours called in the morning, so we had a nice play date until naptime. I pretty much worked around the house until that evening when we had a surprise birthday party for some other friends. The party was held at a church with a gym, so Andrew was in heaven. Going to that party, Andrew’s outgoing personality was really highlighted. We hardly knew anyone except the guests of honor, but Andrew took off immediately like, “see ya, mom & dad!”, completely comfortable among everyone there.

Saturday – well, truthfully we didn’t do much exciting, other than a trip to Sam’s Club for a few essentials.

Sunday – Amazing church service in the morning, naps in the afternoon and a roast dinner in the evening (that I accidentally dumped a ton of seasoning salt on – the container was missing the shaker top).

Monday – Monday we just hung around the house, however we did hit Chili’s for dinner. I had gift card from October. We kept waiting until we could get a sitter, and finally decided to just go with the kids last minute. They did great. However, AJ get his little paws on a full glass of water which he threw to the ground – that waiter got a nice tip. We then drove by The House for sale that we love in the school district that we love. At this point it’s a pipe dream or an opportunity for a miracle. We stopped by our friends’ (the surprise party ones) who live close to The House and had leftover ice cream.

Tuesday – We had MOPS in the morning where I sold my Little Loopy tag blankets. I do have a surplus left over if anyone is interested. The afternoon was just naps, making a large amount of waffles for dinner/freezer supply and working around the house. We did have one of the boys’ babysitters that we haven’t seen in quiet a while stop in for a quick visit in the evening – so that got Andrew excited.

Wednesday – we had library storytime in the morning with sweet Miss Henne (sounds like penny – doesn’t that name just scream “librarian”.) We hit a couple stores before coming home for lunch and naps. That afternoon, we actually when through The House with the realtor. Probably not a smart move on our part, because we loved it and not sure we can really do anything about it. There were a lot of prayers for contentment offered up that evening. Last night, Ryan came over again with his projector – so the guys watched huge screen basketball on our wall until the wee hours.

That brings us to this morning. We have nothing planned for today. So, whenever those days come, I make a huge list of all things around the house I want to get done. However, this list is usually so gigantic that it would impossible without two little ones underfoot. But we really don’t have plans for tomorrow either, so – maybe I can get a lot kicked out. AJ is down for his first nap. I have dough in the breadmaker (Andrew and I are going to make a bread shaped like the sunshine today – this week’s theme is this sun). And if the weather is nice we might get outside for a while this afternoon, also.

Ok, I so sorry for this ‘yawner’ of a post. If you made it through, I will reward you with this photo…

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