Four little monkeys playing the grass, one fell down and broke his…

We have been thoroughly enjoying the warm – borderline hot at times – weather lately. And we already have the stained dirty feet to prove it.

I got a couple cute pictures of AJ in the grass this weekend and instantly thought of the pictures of Andrew in the grass about the same age. Can’t really tell they are brothers, huh. Trust me – they were made by the same ingredients.

I was able to get out a bit Saturday morning and do some garage sale-ing. I got a few things, but it was nice just to get out sans kiddos. Then Marc headed down to his uncle’s to help fix up the place for the summer. We then hung out with the Dressler’s for dinner and they…

… introduced us to my new favorite game – MonkeyBall (or LadderBall seemingly everywhere but Michigan). They even gave us our very own set. Marc and I have been playing every free minute we get.

Sunday after church, we had a quick Taco Bell lunch, put the kids down for naps so we could play even more MonkeyBall, and then we (ok, Marc) got a lot of yard work done (I watched kids).

Today, we stayed home and got the house back in shape after pretty much taking the weekend off housework-wise. But we did sneak a walk in before the boys afternoon nap.

It’s NBA playoff time once again (funny – this is my third year posting about the Pistons in the playoffs). So the Pistons are on and we are munching homemade carmel corn. (well, I am finished – no sticky keys for me). I’ll leave you with my little dreamboat…

(PS: I did not retouch this photo – does anyone else see a little red in his hair?)

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