I know it’s been a week since I’ve really posted. And really, I am not going to make up for it now. The last handful of days have been a whirlwind – so it’s not like I have nothing to write about. And it’s been a good whirlwind, too – so everything is ok. It’s just been busy.

Quick synopsis – we went to my Aunts this weekend (left Thursday) for a big fishing weekend for the men and playing weekend for the ladies and kiddos. It is SO relaxing there… like a mini vacation. But that means that last Wednesday and Thursday were busy packing, get ready to leave, sneaking in doctor appts, etc… Today, we grocery shopped in the AM. I made dinner for a new mama, and cinnamon rolls for brunch tomorrow while the kids napped. We delivered the dinner when Marc got home and visited that family a bit before grabbing a quick dinner for ourselves and getting the kids in bed way past bedtime.

Oh and of course we bought the boat in there and any of Marc’s waking minutes not already spoken for is devoted to working on the boat. He has two buddies over right now working on it with him.

Truthfully, tomorrow looks like it just might be as whirlwindy. We have MOPS in the AM (it’s our group’s turn for brunch – so I’m bringing cinnamon rolls again), lunch, naps and few errands in the PM.

So, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. On the contrary – I still think several times a day of things to write (mostly funny things the boys do), but before I get a chance to post, it’s midnight. Since it’s only 11:35pm right now, I thought I’d jump on here quickly.

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