Farmer Andrew

Well, today we took it easy. See, all last week and this weekend, Marc and I felt like we were running ourselves ragged. We were going non-stop with seemingly little sleep and we were already wiped out before our very full weekend even began. That being said, we still had a very nice weekend.

We headed down Friday to Uncle Arts cabin. Marc tested out the new boat with his brother and the boys and I hung out with the other Kelly Dykstra. We had an amazing dinner at Uncle Art’s amazing home and Andrew was in little boy heaven as Uncle Art let him drive (literally – Uncle Art’s hand were off the wheel) his tractor, ride his scooter, play with every toy in the house. I actually think Uncle Art was enjoying himself just as much as Andrew.

That night, back in the small cabin, we all slept terribly. But we managed to get ourselves up and out and to Lansing by noon for a friend’s surprise party. It was a pretty good party considering we really didn’t know many people. And the guest of honor really was suprised and that always makes those better.

From there, Marc and the boys headed home, while I headed across town to meet up with my roommates from college. We had a really nice visit. Mostly we just hung out, but I really enjoyed myself. And… I got to sleep in until almost 10am the next morning. That’s without getting up in the middle of the night for anyone. I can not remember the last time I did that! And it was SO needed, as I was downing coffee round the clock the couple days before.

I got home Sunday afternoon, which still left us a nice little chunk of the weekend left. Granted it was pretty lazy for the most part – but Marc got the lawn mowed and the boys took a walk with me.

Today we spent a lot of time outside. We hit the playground late morning, trying to keep AJ awake until a decent naptime. Naptime however was struggle as Andrew didn’t nap at all and AJ took a short one. We also watched a friend’s little one who didn’t nap well either, so in order to not have three grumpy boys, we took a walk and then played outside until dinner time. The boys then got tubs and went to bed early. (Which isn’t all that bad).

This week is filling up quickly already – but doen’t seem anything like last week. Have a great week.

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