The Emperor’s New Clothes.

I don’t really want to admit this, but I will. I went out and bought Andrew new undies today because all of his were dirty. Doesn’t that sound just awful?! But see, he is still potty training and when he wears big boy undies vs. pull-ups – he does a world better. However, for the last couple days, our dryer has been out of commission. Marc is replacing our dryer hose as it was clogged and therefore a fire hazard. But we were missing a part and didn’t have a chance to get to the hardware store to pick it up. (He did get there today, so hopefully he will be able to finish the project tonight and I will get the pleasure of washing & drying too many loads tomorrow).

Anyway, anyone who has ever potty trained a little boy probably knows that even on good days, they do not go through just one pair of underwear a day like grown-ups do. Many times, even on successful potty trips, the undies get wet. Therefore, we can easily burn through 4-5 undies in a day. Two days or so without laundry being done and well, we are out of undies. So… while grocery shopping today, I broke down and bought a package of undies for him. However, these are the basic plain whitey-tighty undies and not the cool character undies he is used to. But they are much cheaper. Funny how I never noticed these before hidden among the high priced character ones. Not that I am complaining… if the character ones got him wearing the undies vs. the diaper in the first place, than it was worth the money. On a side note, in the last couple days, Andrew has also got a new pair of much needed sandals as well as some new shorts. He is growing so fast, nothing fits him anymore.

Anyway… I think I got off track and now I am not sure where I was even headed with this post. However, this morning, Andrew is having a stellar day and has stayed dry all morning. We even got brave and let him stay in big boy undies all the way to two stores. (Mom packed extra pants just in case). He even convinced me that because he’s done so well today, he can have some chocolate milk when he gets up from his nap. I am so very proud of him.

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